Don’t shrink back in the face of opposition

This week I got an email from a client asking if we could talk about my call center services. To give you a little bit of a backdrop, he signed up only a few months ago. We spoke in depth about how we handle calls, screen for motivation, and the criteria we look for. His main source of hesitancy was in relinquishing control of his incoming calls. I’m a Real Estate Investor myself so I fully understand the hindrance he was wrestling with. Every small business owner will tell you that hiring out critical tasks is one of their largest barriers to growth. In fact, I just went through a very similar process myself. We added two guys to our company to handle meeting with sellers, negotiations, and even attend closings. My responsibilities and time commitment in our acquisitions company dropped considerably. It took several weeks to adjust to their style of negotiations, contracts, and processes. I can tell you now, that without a doubt it was one of the best business decisions I’ve made to date. (More on this later)

So what did he want to talk about?

He was reaching levels of success that he never expected. Most folks forget that “Growing levels of success bring new challenges”. The more successful you become the larger your challenges will become. I can personally attest to this in my own life. The only way to experience continued growth is by viewing your challenges as opportunities, not roadblocks. The unfortunate thing was that he was focusing on the problem and not searching for solutions. He ended up with five homes under contract and ran out of funds. The natural response is the one he chose. He wanted to pause his services, halt his mailing campaigns, and resume next year. While most folks would view five homes as a great way to end the year he missed a huge opportunity to grow his business. What could he have accomplished if he had viewed his dilemma as an opportunity? How many more deals could he have done in the next 3 months? His shortage of cash would have been the perfect excuse to seek private funds, find JV partners, and increase his network.

How do you handle opportunities? 

I refuse to shrink back in the face of opposition. I am a conqueror. I refuse to let fear, finances, doubt, or criticism hinder my potential.

Let’s discuss this in the comments further. I want to hear your thoughts.

What obstacles are you facing?

Have you faced them before?

How are you leveraging your challenges?

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  1. Outstanding post, Ryan! You’re right on every point. Spending money, making smart hires, and acting with courage to keep the momentum going… these are what takes us to the higher level. Fear eats some people alive. In business, fear can be the end. Guys like you inspire others to go forward, make the tough calls and win big!

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