Overcoming Fear at Oneonta Falls Gorge

Stop Settling!

I’m the kind of guy that hates being afraid. I know my “why” and I hate letting my imagination, other people, or fear limit my experiences in life. I don’t mean that in a hedonistic throw caution to the window sort of way. What I’m talking about is the hesitation we feel in our chests when we want to do something beneficial and hold back. Have you ever wanted to pay for someones groceries, cut their grass for them, or something similar and found your brain talking you out of it? “It’s rude to assume they can’t pay for their groceries.” “Would you want some stranger cutting your grass without permission?” I know that I have. So I resolved to myself that I’m going to be me, take action before fear can speak, and embrace the growth that comes only from stretching yourself.

Give me an example Ryan:

My wife and I were in Portland recently for a Real Estate meetup where I spoke in front of 40 successful investors from around the country. During our down time (we were only there for a few days) we decided that we wanted to experience Portland as much as possible. Thanks to an extremely chatty Uber driver we knew exactly the waterfalls we should check out. We of course did Multonmah Falls. Which offers an incredible view at the top! We also decided to do Oneonta Falls. This requires you to climb over two log jams, wade through water, and walk the creek bed till you get to the waterfall at the end. The water was a cool 60 ish degrees and crystal clear. We got to the end and I decided I wanted to swim up to the back wall where the waterfall was. Now, I’d never seen a waterfall in person let alone swam in one. I waded out till I was about chest deep and realized it got much deeper, the water looked dark, I’d never swam in shoes, and MAN are waterfalls loud. I’m standing there trying to decide how badly I want to do this. Wondering if waterfalls create current or if there are dangers I can’t see. (Let’s not pretend I’m the only one who catastrophizes!) I’m listening to the deafening roar of the waterfall and weighing my options. Did I really want to leave this overwhelmingly beautiful place with a feeling of regret? So… I just went for it. I pushed off the wall and swam to the back wall along the waterfall. As I’m standing there trying to get my Gopro off of photo mode you get the lovely angle you’re going to see below. (Wait till the end of the video) But the look on my face is pure joy. I conquered a fear. I chose to do something I REALLY wanted despite every nerve in my body telling me to stop. I was literally beaming the entire way back to our rental and kept repeating that I’m so glad I did it. I was proud of myself, my drive, and my desire to really experience life. Oneonta was absolutely beautiful!

Are you letting fear win?

I’ve personally resolved to not let fear of the unknown rule my life. I’d much rather try something and fail than live a life of “what if’s”. You probably won’t ever get to a point in your life where you’ve conquered everything. You’re going to have to push through your own “waterfall” moments over and over again. I can tell you from experience it gets easier every time you do it.

I know folks missing out on the beauty of sandbars in the ocean, snorkeling, riding motorcycles, hiking, traveling abroad, going into business for themselves, and much more. No one on their deathbed is going to be glad they never chased their dreams.

What fears are you dealing with now? What steps do you want to take with every fiber in your being that you’re avoiding? Quitting your job? Launching your business? Drop me an email or hit me up in the comments below.

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