My System

Ten Thousand Hours of Experience

Noah on my teams first two contracts both signed on the same day!

I’ve done the 10,000 hours needed to become a master at the art of sourcing deals. I’ve got the websites, SEO, IP address targeting, skip tracing, direct mail, live answering, lists, automation, CRM, negotiations, contracts, and more all figured out. If you’re looking to kick start your investment career or move up to the next level this is for you. Why should you trust me? I hold the #1 organic we buy houses ranking in my target cities. I’ve done more transactions this year than most folks do in their career. I built Call Porter into a massive success. I spend tens of thousands of dollars on things like marketing, lists, skip tracing, etc that you’ll get at cost. To give you an idea of the benefit… I saved a friend $4,000 on lists already this year. There are a number of different paths to success in Real Estate. But the #1 thing everything hinges on is FINDING DEALS. We’ve done the leg work, proven the systems, and personally use them every single day. If you want to cut your learning curve, be meeting with homeowners within a month, and closing more deals drop me a message. I’m all about creating mutually beneficial relationships and building a legacy.

What Not to Do

I recently had a wealthy investor from California call me about a failed yellow letters campaign. He’s spent over $100,000 and didn’t have a single deal to show for it. In his defense most mail houses and sites like Bigger Pockets recommend that you budget to be able to market for 6 months before you find a deal. To his determent he tried automating in all the wrong ways. He used an out of state PO Box, had his mail dropped from a different state, tried to build his own Podio flow that barely functioned, and kept throwing money at the wall hoping something would stick.

Don’t Go it Alone

I know you’re probably telling yourself that you wouldn’t do that… But the average marketing campaign costs around 1-2k a month. If you’re committing for 6 months you could easily blow 6-12k. To be honest the less marketing you do the more likely you are to not get anything anyway!

Why am I sharing this story with you? I could have stopped the bleeding for this guy way sooner. Off market acquisitions shouldn’t be a “spray and pray” operation but a methodical process that fills your funnel with warm leads requesting offers.

Stop swimming upstream and hire me to help.