I’m 26 Today!

Featured Articles September 16, 2019

I’m 26 Today!

I’m thankful to have businesses that allow me freedom.

I was in Rhode Island this weekend with my wife for her graduation from Navy Officer Development School.

To say that I’m proud of her would be an understatement.

While we were in Providence my team contracted two off-market deals, leased a new office space, completed inspection response repairs on an MLS deal, and we got a cash offer on a wholetale that will net us right at $50,000.

I chose to be 100% present over the weekend, so I didn’t check my email. I got up this AM, got my routine done, and logged in before checking out for the day to the good news.

My motto

I’ve always said:

“You can build a business that serves or enslaves you, it’s your choice.”

My words in motion

The staff at Call Porter took all of my calls, got them to appointments, and my staff worked the leads.

I’m going to be brutal with you…

House we went pending on!

I COULD have saved some money this weekend if I did all the work. If I wasn’t in Rhode Island, if I was running the appointments, if I was making the offers, if I was touring the office space, etc it would have saved me some staff costs.

What is the freaking point in making money if you miss everything? I lived for money for a long time. I lived to build businesses. I’m choosing to live in the present instead. I’m choosing to build businesses that make a difference.

Keep an eye out!

On Thursday I’m going to send out an email breaking down the org chart of my company. Every hire I’ve ever made has given me more freedom. I’m going to show you on Thursday who does what in my company, so you can replicate it in yours.

I’m sick and tired of people pretending that their addiction to working 80 hours a week is honorable.

Brief year in review

Spending your life “building for the future” is pointless. I would rather be broke and present then leave my family millions of dollars and no memories.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

In the past year, I’ve bought 80+ units, moved to San Diego, tested my companies’ ability to run without me, been to Paris, launched Ballpoint marketing, rolled out my mastermind, met incredible people, and I’ve grown a ton as a human.

I can’t wait to see what the next 12-months bring my way.


  1. Happy Birthday !!

    I am looking forward to Thursday’s Email.

    1. Thank you George! It is going to be a good one.

  2. Please call me , or send me additional information

  3. Happy Birthday!
    Hope we can Connect sometIme.

  4. Happy bDAY Ryan!

  5. Love what you said: “…a business that enslaves or serves me!” Happy Birthday ryan!

    1. Thank you Ed. It’s a slogan I’m choosing to live by.

  6. Listened to your podcast on bigger pockets and coming up with a business plan to present to family when i see them next in memphis. Very much APPRECIATE your content. I am 30 now and it took my ass 5 years to realize the saas sales game while very profitable is a time suck. Looking forward to learning from you.

    1. Gurshan, Love finding out how folks end up finding me. I really appreciate the kind words. The Saas model can definitely be profitable. I have friends who do very well in the niche’. The important thing is what you do with the cash. Kind of like wholesaling for us. We wholesale TO buy rentals. You’ve got to have a reason for it. Making money for the sake of making money gets boring real fast. 🙂

  7. Hell yea man. Love the energy and reflection. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to connecting soon.

  8. Happy B Day Ryan. Wish plenty of health,wealth and success… i enjoy reading and listening to your content. Loved YOUr last interview on BP; i listened to it like 3x’s up to now.

    1. Fernando, I’m flattered. Thanks for taking the time to reach out!

  9. Welcome to San Diego!
    Great Post and great E-book as well. Loved your Podcast as others have mentioned. I understand your deal flow from the ebook and am looking forward to the Thursday message in more detail. The funding/refi has me a biiiit tripped up. Thanks for the reasoning for building the biz in the frist place. Refinancing my first right now “Delayed Financing”. Keep up good work!

    1. Keith, thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast and the Ebook. Congrats on the first one!

  10. Ryan,
    Love watching and following you! Good stuff.

  11. RYan,

    I am mentally, spiritually, and physically ready to give 100% commitment to building a recurring cash flow through rental units. My challenge is i am new and need to learn where and how to start… I am looking to do exactly what you say and willing to put the time in to learn the craft, i do have a full time job(6am-4pm, Monday-Friday) and wife and 2 children. But i have owned my own business and put time in to operating multiple business for other owners.

    I am intrigued by how simple yo have put it to start and how you have spelled it out through your website and youtube videos.

    I’m from Providence, RI… I’m 35 years old… time is ticking… i respect your time and don’t want any handouts, please let me know if i can help you or your companies within my market here and consider it done… i may not have the answer or know how, but i will figure it out!

    hope to talk to you soon!

    Zash s.

    1. Hey Zash! Thanks for sharing the background/stroy. I’m not doing anything in that market but am happy to be a resource for you when you start!


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