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How I made $100,000 when I had $0 to my name:

This is not a get rich quick strategy but it IS how I paid off all of my debt! If you’re a new investor this is the SAFEST way to get started in real estate without using cash, needing to comp properties, or even understand how much repairs cost. Check it out!

You’re A B.A. Review

I’m actually a big fan of Jen Sincero’s writing. She’s very blunt, witty, and honest. Her book “You’re a badass at making money” is phenomenal if you have mental blocks around making money, building wealth, or keeping money. In this one she has two takeaways that I LOVE. Best 10 You Re Badass Reviewed and Rated in 2020

1) You’re not going to be for everyone. Two people can see the same movie. One person can leave teary-eyed saying it changed their life. Someone else will demand a refund. The refund requester’s experience doesn’t negate the experience of the first person.


2) Just see what you can get away with. I had a weird mental hangup around making money. I was raised very conservatively and struggle/paycheck – paycheck was worn like a badge of honor. In 2018 I generated nearly 2MM across my businesses and paid myself under $60,000. My therapist suggested that I just TRY paying myself more and see what happens. The rest is history.


How I got a lead on a 14-unit apartment complex for $0

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