4-10-20 Week in review!

Featured Articles April 10, 2020

4-10-20 Week in review!

Training Video One:

Are you wholesaling as a side hustle or building a 7-figure business?

Why: If you really focus in on real estate investing you can build a money-printing machine. ^ This video highlights the organizational structure of a business generating 7-figures + a year.

Book Review: Get Out Of Your Own Way

Author: Dave Hollis

Details: Dave walks through 20 lies he told himself over the years and how he overcame each one. I particularly related to his skepticism in regards to all things personal development. If you’re not one to jump up/down at conferences this one may be for you.

Favorite Take Away: Dave talks about using Alcohol in a self-medicating way to “process” difficult situations/stress. “You can’t numb just part of yourself. If you’re numbing the bad you’re also numbing the good. What is that taking from your family? Your kids? Your business?”

Brutal Take Away: Dave talks about how early on in their marriage he was the breadwinner. As such, he felt like his role in the marriage was to make money. He goes so far as to talk about how being the breadwinner does NOT absolve you of household responsibilities. This was a MAJOR call out for me as there is one chore in particular (doing the dishes) that I’ve opted out of for years.

Honest Take Away: Dave was afraid his wife would leave him when she no longer needed him financially. This resonated with me a ton. I have no reason to be insecure but for the first 6 years of our marriage, my wife was a full-time grad school student and didn’t work. When she joined the Navy as an Officer she started making a healthy salary. I had a weird few thoughts of not being needed. The key though… Is that I’m not. I’m not a paycheck. I’m wanted.

I HIGHLY recommend you give it a read or listen. You can pick it up here on Amazon.

Testimonial Of CCF: Arvi

3 properties under contract in Nashville in 2 months!

They’re doing deals in Nashville 🎸with just 2,500 pieces of mail per deal!

Arvi joined our CCF mastermind a few months back and has gotten 3 deals under contract (closed on two) in just two months of marketing.

I hear from people all the time that their market is too hot, competitive, or saturated.

If Arvi can find off-market deals in Nashville you can find deals in your market.

Schedule a call with us at Calendly.com/Ryandossey if you’re ready to take control of your deal flow.

Training Video Two: Step By Step Wholesale Deal (how to make 19k)

As a final bonus… I’ve got a video on how to pull inherited records in your market.

Inherited Records

This was something I had been requesting so I’m SUPER grateful that they got it added.

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