The $5,000 Deal That Almost Got Away!

Case Study | Data September 9, 2019

The $5,000 Deal That Almost Got Away!

Last week we pulled a $5,000 check out of a deal we ALMOST let slip through the crack!

This lead came into my CRM on July 11th (almost two months ago).

It was an organic SEO lead that was Instant Called by Call Porter.

Notes from my inside sales agent:

Spoke with seller. Seller stated they have purchased the home 7 years ago. Home was built in 1999. Nice neighborhood. They are the 2nd owners. Previous owners put on a new roof the year before they purchased it (2013-2014). They are looking to get things done within the next 30-45 days as they are looking to move to be closer to family in Colorado. Seller stated the property needs SOME work. Some carpet is damaged. 100% carpet throughou the home with exception of kitchens and bathrooms. popcorn ceilings and walls. All siding. Seller stated he is fielding offers from other companies in the city but we are the first to call back.

Appointment scheduled for: Tuesday July 16th, 2019 @ 1PM EST.

Notes from my acquisitions manager post-appointment:

We ended up assigning the deal for $5,000 to a buy and hold investor. I don’t know about you, but I’m still at the level where “finding” an extra $5,000 helps my business continue to grow and move forward.


This deal took eleven touches to get under contract. It took us 22 days from the initial contact to getting it under contract. It took right at 50 days to get paid. What you today is going to determine what you get paid a month or two from now. Are you earning the profits of a deal or wasting time today?

Make sure that every week or month you go through every lead you had come into your CRM and audit it. Most investors give up too soon! We did on this one. I’m grateful I caught it!

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