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Acquisitions Tools

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My tools!

There are a lot of worthless shiny objects out there.

To help you circumnavigate them, these are the tools that I PERSONALLY use and pay for every single month.

They have been key in acquiring 9MM worth of rental properties and generating 7-figures in wholesale assignments.

You do NOT need the vast majority of what’s out there. I’ve spent over $1,000,000 on marketing and can tell you the tools below just flat out WORK.

I have had over 1,500 motivated seller leads come through my investor carrot site over the years.

Historically we have averaged an 8.52% conversion rate on organic SEO traffic, a 7.17% conversion rate on Google Pay-per-click/Fb ads, and a 1.5% conversion rate on direct traffic.

Anytime someone asks me why we use a “template” site I simply reply with one word… CONVERSIONS. My Carrot site has averaged a 5.15% conversion rate for years.

According to data from Crazyegg, Wordstream, and Invespcro, the average website converts at between 2.35-2.86%.

I will pay Carrot for a 5%+ conversion rate all day long.

How much do I like ReSimpli? I invested $250,000 into a custom Podio build and scrapped it after 6 months of testing ReSimpli.

I realized that I could NOT make Podio do what ReS is capable of. I tell new investors that it is “almost” a business in a box.

It will connect to your bank account (like QuickBooks) to automatically track your expenses, you can purchase tracking #’s for marketing (like Callrail), it can send drip text messages to your leads, you can upload files/docs (like Dropbox), it will track your flips, you can log all of your contractors, and even order direct mail through them. I personally don’t use Yellow Letters but they have them for just $0.50 a pop!

I personally run my entire acquisition business on ReSimpli’s CRM.

I have a 10% off discount code for my mastermind members that you’re welcome to use.

On their signup page enter: CCCF in the coupon code box for 10% off!

This is our HUB. Now let’s talk about getting the phone to ring.

To build my marketing lists I used to pay $0.20 per NAME with Listsource. I now pay $99 a month and can download 10,000 records. That’s just $0.01 a name!

Propstream is a fantastic tool that I think all investors should use. They make it SUPER easy to also run comps if you aren’t licensed/don’t have MLS access.

They make it stupidly simple to pull basic lists like absentee owners with equity, vacant properties, cash buyers, and more.

Recently they added in the ability to pull interfamily transfers which I was practically begging for. Below is a quick video on how to do it step by step!

Another niche’ Propstream list we’ve bought numerous deals off of is Bankruptcy filings w/equity. Here’s how to pull that one:

I use these guys’ artificial intelligence data every single month. They track over 800 data points on every property in the country and score them on their likelihood to sell. Their data is so good that the month I sold my personal residence they had ME ON THE LIST. I’ve used them ever since. We just got a deal off their data last week. You only need their $75 a month account and it’s either $75 a zipcode per month (for the Ai data) or $1,500 for the entire market. I pay for my entire market. This is one of the most advanced niche’ lists you can get.

Now that you’ve got your list, let’s talk about WHAT you should send them.

I have an army of robots that handwrite my letters in cursive utilizing real Papermate ballpoint pens. These are NOT the “handwritten” letters you’ve seen before. Those are done with a font.

My letters are written in real INK with real PENS. They smear, smudge, and dig into the paper. BPM utilizes custom designs made for me for my market. They look similar to this.

Sellers tell us all the time that they haven’t gotten anything like this before. We have clients in markets like San Diego, Long Island, and Nashville exceeding a 1% response rate.

This is a company I founded and own.

My acquisition staff hasn’t had to take an inbound seller call in over three years. We dropped 18,000 pieces of Ballpoint last week and are watching new leads/appointments flood into Resimpli.

I created Call Porter back in 2017 when I couldn’t handle the volume of motivated seller calls I was personally fielding. I tried sending calls to voicemail, using Patlive, and even hiring a Va with varying levels of success. You didn’t get started in real estate to become a call center employee and neither did I.

This is why I have a team of Americans in St. Louis, Mo trained EXCLUSIVELY in how to take calls for real estate investors. Call Porter handles over 10,000 (inbound) calls a month for investors around the country. They will screen for equity, motivation, and condition. They book appointments on the initial call based on your availability.

No more angry calls, tire kickers, or missed opportunities.

Never lose a deal again.

About me:

My name is Ryan Dossey and I appreciate your interest in my business model. I’m a buy & hold investor best known for purchasing 150 units in just two years.

I’ve been on Bigger Pocket’s podcasts 3x and featured in most major publications. You can check out my press here.

I’m also the founder of Call Porter and Ballpoint Marketing. I believe in marketing only through legal/ethical mediums. I do NOT use bandit signs, RVM’s, or text message blasting.

I run a paid mastermind for experienced real estate investors and a free one for newbies doing their first bit of marketing.

I look forward to getting to know you.

You can find me on Facebook here.

You can find me on Instagram here.

I put out 2-3 videos a week on Youtube here.

Please note:

I may be compensated by vendors for referring you to them. I will NEVER promote a tool or service that I’m not actively utilizing to generate a positive R.O.I.

Yours Truly,

Ryan Dossey

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