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Free Lending Packets

When we pitch our private lenders on funding a deal we always present them with a 1-page pitch sheet. This document is designed to highlight the asset, the return we're…
by Ryan Dossey

Diversification in marketing is key!

We recently LOST our Facebook ads account. 😨 After 5+ years and nearly $1,000,000 spent on paid ads via Facebook/Instagram, our business manager got hacked. We had a 3rd party…
by Ryan Dossey

Buyers List Emails

I see folks trying to put together these super sexy graphic heavy emails to their buyers and it is NOT necessary. The more graphics and links you use the more…
by Ryan Dossey


How I made $100,000 when I had $0 to my name: This is not a get rich quick strategy but it IS how I paid off all of my debt!…
by Ryan Dossey


Marketing Niche' With the world going crazy right now... We are putting a focus on (and recommending you put a focus on) vacant properties. There's nothing easier than an owner…
by Ryan Dossey

4-10-20 Week in review!

Training Video One: Are you wholesaling as a side hustle or building a 7-figure business? Why: If you really focus in on real estate investing you can build a money-printing…
by Ryan Dossey

Giving it 100%

I’m guilty of not always showing up 100%. A lesson from Mercedes Benz: Back in 1996 Mercedes Benz introduced a feature known as BAS or brake assist. In surveying fatal…
by Ryan Dossey


I'm looking to hire a badass creative to oversee my videography, video production, and photos for social media. I'm a twenty-six-year-old real estate investor with $9,000,000 worth of rental properties…
by Ryan Dossey


As an entrepreneur, I know that it can be frustrating seeing ads for products/services that no longer interest you. To respect your time/attention I've created this page as a way…
by Ryan Dossey

Give Credit Where It’s Due

I was at B-E-A-U-tiful Coronado Beach Yesterday enjoying the waves. Work had been pretty hectic so I decided to take an hour and just go for a swim. The water…
by Ryan Dossey

Forcing Deals

When I was seventeen years old I started selling car warranties full-time. I learned incredible lessons in sales and a lot about what not to do in life. The industry…
by Ryan Dossey

Ending Human Trafficking

In a previous blog I was super honest with you guys about what used to drive me. I worked to make money. The extent of my existence was focused on…
by Ryan Dossey

Three Weeks

It took us just twenty-one days to take this seller from the lead stage to the closing table. How would you like to have a $20,813 wire hit your account?…
by Ryan Dossey

Mastering Marketing

As humans, we often decide to try new things but rarely set out with the goal of mastery. For example, I took an Instagram follower up on the offer to…
by Ryan Dossey

Wholesale to Wholetale

Wholetaling a house is when you close on it, perform minimal work, and list it on the MLS. No matter how big your buyers list ever gets the MLS will…
by Ryan Dossey

I’m 26 Today!

I’m thankful to have businesses that allow me freedom. I was in Rhode Island this weekend with my wife for her graduation from Navy Officer Development School. To say that…
by Ryan Dossey
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