Ending Human Trafficking

Featured Articles October 10, 2019

Ending Human Trafficking

In a previous blog I was super honest with you guys about what used to drive me. I worked to make money. The extent of my existence was focused on achieving my goals of becoming wealthy with no real end or reason in sight.

I wasn’t always that way but at some point, while grinding I lost sight of my why.

Social Entrepreneurship

It is about using your skills as an entrepreneur to bring about change in the world. I have this belief that when I die I’ll get to see the number of lives I’ve changed. If I’m not here to make a difference then what’s the point?

For me, my passion has always been about helping to end human trafficking. I don’t know why, but it’s always been on my heart. Going forward as we buy houses we will also be donating a portion of our proceeds to ending human trafficking.

Long Story Short: As we reach new levels of financial freedom we want to be a driving force in helping people recover or keep their actual freedom.

Where I’m Donating

My wife and I have family ties to the folks behind A21. They are a global organization that educates, rescues, and cares for the victims of human trafficking.

My Advice

It doesn’t matter what you’re passionate about, what matters is doing something. If you don’t have cash, volunteer.

As real estate investors, we are uniquely positioned to change the world.


  1. Yes!! Love it bro! You are inspiring.

  2. Thank you for sharing ryan. as real estate investors we always talk about financial freedom, but to what end? What’s after that? I’m glad you found what really drives your why.


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