Give Credit Where It’s Due

Featured Articles October 24, 2019

Give Credit Where It’s Due

I was at B-E-A-U-tiful Coronado Beach Yesterday enjoying the waves. Work had been pretty hectic so I decided to take an hour and just go for a swim. The water was so clear you could see the glittering gold sand perfectly. It was all fun and games until I felt something rip through the side of my foot. My first thought was I got pinched by a crab or bitten by something.

My priority was getting out of the water to inspect the damage but BOY did this hurt. I’ve had stitches more times than I can count, wrecked a motorcycle (or two 🙃), and nothing stung like this. I hobbled to the lifeguard tower and found out that what hit me was a stingray. Long story short… I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

While taking my info he asked me my age: 26. That number shocked me.

Geez, life moves fast.

 I Know You’re Busy

It’s October 2019 and Home Depot tells me that the holidays must be coming soon. We all have a million things going on. We all have bills, family, businesses, personal struggles, wins, losses, and opportunities. I want to take a second to remind you to give credit where it’s due. There are people in your life that have forever changed your trajectory. As you read this you probably have a few coming to mind. You owe it to the people who’ve added value to your life to let them know! This goes for vendors, service providers, coaches, pastors, loved ones, even the chef at your favorite restaurant.

They’re Human Too

You never know what someone else is dealing with or where they’re at. A simple thank you can go a really long way. I’ll give you a real example with me. I was on the phone with someone who wanted to join our mastermind. He was an incredible guy but not in a position where he needed a mastermind. He needed cash. I spent about an hour with him and gave him my blunt thoughts and advice on what I would do. He hit me up 27 days letter with the picture of a $25,000 check he got as an assignment. Hearing from him made my day.

Consuming Content

If you read a book and apply something and get results… Tell the author! If someone shares a post that makes you reevaluate something, let them know! If talking to someone changes your perspective thank them for it. This is something I’ve challenged myself personally on. It’s easy to consume mindlessly. You’re going to be far better off consuming mindfully and giving credit where it’s due.


PS: I recently had someone reply to one of my emails that spending $3,000 a month on marketing was (and I quote) “ABSOLUTELY F*C#!?G nuts.” I was going to draft up a nice reply about how on a national average, investors are spending up to $5,000 per off-market deal. I thought about shooting over my average profit and asking him if he’d spend 2k to make 17k. I instead politely removed him from my email list and hit up some of most baller investors I know and asked for their metrics. In a few weeks, we’re going to have an article about what they spend a month and what they make in profit. You are NOT going to want to miss it. It’s a shame our buddy Austin doesn’t get my emails anymore ;).

PPS: This is NOT about me wanting recognition. If something I say or teach in the future helps you feel free to tell me. If something I’ve done/said has helped you in the past I’d rather you thank someone else who’s influenced your life. Chances are you have an old coach, mentor, grandpa, or friend who really needs to hear it today.


  1. Thank you, Ryan
    I like your mails. It helps me a lot. Sometimes I agree with you, sometimes I am not. it is all perception.
    Anyway, I appreciate your work and wish you luck and prosperity

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts Vladimir. I’d be concerned if you agreed with everything I said. 🙂

      My life experiences, upbringing, and worldview shape my style and views just like anyone else.

      Hope you’re having a killer week!

  2. We certainly do all have different PerceptiOns and experiences. Im glad ive veen EXPERIENCING your emails. Short sweet and to the point But packed full of inspiration. Im a Pretty “ young” invesTor, and just now trying to Get Into Some off market deals, And your emails have really helped me gAin clarity.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Philip! I started out at 20 so definitely understand where you’re at. Drop a line if I can ever add more clarity to something in particular.

  3. Well this made me think about the things I know but rekindled the need to tell people how much they have impacted my life.

    1. It’s something I work on too. It’s easy to think “well I said it once”. The bigger the life change the more frequent we should reflect and appreciate. I’ve got a business coach I hired in 2016 who saved my life. He’s heard it several time but I like to remind him. 🙂


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