Giving it 100%

Featured Articles February 10, 2020

Giving it 100%

I’m guilty of not always showing up 100%.

A lesson from Mercedes Benz:

Back in 1996 Mercedes Benz introduced a feature known as BAS or brake assist. In surveying fatal and extreme crashes involving their cars, they noticed an odd data point; only 55% of the car’s available braking force was used. The crashes could have been avoided entirely or been much less severe. The introduction of BAS took the average stopping distance from 239 feet down to just 131. This is one of the reasons I love Mercedes, they are constantly innovating to the tune of over 2,000 patents a year.

In my own life, I’ve been guilty of operating at less than 100% of my passion, focus, and potential. I’ve played small, been distracted, throttled myself back, not loved like I want to, not entertained like I want to, and quite frankly I’ve given too much of a damn what people think. Not anymore. If people in a life and death situation aren’t putting 100% of their effort into stopping their car I’d challenge you to examine where you’re not giving 100% in your own life.

Let me be CLEAR:

This is NOT about hustling or getting from 91% – 100%. This is about being brutally honest with yourself in where you’re not showing up like you should. You have to be brutally honest with yourself and take stock of your life.

Are you pouring into your spouse? Are you fully present with your family? Are you executing on quadrant two activities in your business? Do you feel compelled to check your phone for fear of missing out while talking to a friend? What could the REAL you accomplish if you just chose to be 100% you? What would that look like? Who would you be?

What this means for me as a real estate investor:

I could be totally alone in this but I love busy work. It’s super easy to check my CRM, listen to a few calls, check my Google Ads, look at my FB ads, check social media, look at my bank accounts, and repeat. You have to set goal for what you’re going to accomplish before you start your day. You have to check-in at the end of the day on if you accomplished those goals or not. I can’t count the number of days I’ve reflected on what I accomplished and not came up with much. Even though I own 7-figure companies and well over 100 units I know I’m leaving a LOT on the table.

Applying the extra 45% to a car’s brake system has saved countless lives. If you’re committed to joining me on being truly present comment “I’m in!” below and share this with a friend.

This is going to be a fun journey. I’d love to have you take it with me.


  1. I’m in! Looking forward to what the future holds and what I can accomplish.

    1. Awesome. What are you going to do this week differently?>


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