Building Niche’ Lists: Probates

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How to build your own niche’ list of folks in probate in your market. If you want better results than your competition you have to do things they won’t.



In this video training, I will walk you through step by step how we scrape public records for folks in probate, find their info to market to them, and best practices for getting in front of them.

A lot of investors make the mistake of buying data from resellers.

By the time you get data from a reseller it’s old, has been sold to 100 other people, and has quality issues.

This is a FANTASTIC way to get started in wholesaling real estate without a ton of cash.

1 review for Building Niche’ Lists: Probates

  1. Joe (verified owner)

    this was definitely worth the price. it’s a great way to get fresh leads before anyone else. I highly recommend to anyone looking to build a niche list instead of relying solely upon absentee owners. i already have my assistant working on it and i’m excited to see the results. thanks ryan!

    • Ryan Dossey

      Thanks for the review Joe and happy to hear it!

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