Move-in Ready Wholetale

Property Details


Indianapolis, Indiana

Zip Code:


**Update: Property was funded by a private lender in under 24 hours. We are set to close on 9-20-19**


I’m looking for a 1st position lien on this SFR that is set to close on 9-20-2019. We typically pay 8% interest with 1 point. We guarantee a minimum return of 3 months.

Purchase Price: $115,000

Repairs: $5,000

Total Loan Request: $120,000

Projected Sales Price: $160,000

ARV: $175,000+

Why we like this deal:

This particular property is in an extremely desirable part of Indianapolis. The average days on market is 6. The property is an extremely solid SFR that I would consider move-in ready for an owner occupant. Our plan is to close on the property, do a deep cleaning, fix a few odds/ends, and list!

Return: $1,200 immediately and $800 per month until the property closes. The minimum return on this project would be $3,600.

Email: [email protected] if you’re interested in working with me.